Nigerian Politicians are using Religion & ethnicity to divide Nigerians because they are Scared of Peter Obi’s Support

Human rights activist, Aisha Yesufu has said the ‘political class’ are using ethnicity, tribalism and intimidation to divide the masses.

Aisha Yesufu.

She said this in three separate videos she posted on Twitter on Sunday. She alleged that the political class have always stayed united irrespective whatever may come.

She said in bad governance, corruption, and embezzling of public funds, the political class stays united irrespective of tribe or religion. Those divides of ethnicity and religion are only existent with the masses.

She added that just as the thing(ethnicity and religion) was at play during the End Sars saga, it is at play again now that Nigerians have, in a quest for good governance, thrown their weight behind Peter Obi.

The tweet where you can see the video:

She said they are scared of the People’s collective will. And so their new agenda is to try and scuttle it under the lie that Peter Obi’s supporters are violent, just like they kept shouting during End Sars that “the movement will be hijacked.”

She said the End Sars movement was peaceful until the government infused the protests with thugs to instigate violence.

She said Reno Omokri and Segun Awosonya have been very vile and brutal but are not attacking Obi’s supporters and labeling them violent. She said they are “e-thugs” who have been paid to divide the people they are scared of, under their “divide and rule” agenda.

She encouraged the people to stay united and not fall into their trap of dividing the people. She concluded that Nigerians must not fall into the lie of ethnicity and religion because the poverty, the insecurity, the strikes and the power failures are all the same, whether Muslim or Christian, North or South.

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