Benue Man Launches Tomato Paste Produced in Benue[PHOTOS]

One Mr. Wanger Barnabas Akaazua has launched the much anticipated Benue Tomato Paste into the Nigerian Market.The new tomato paste which is packaged in a 750ml bottle is produced locally from freshly grown tomatoes in Benue State.For now, the bottles holding the tomato paste are without labels but he hopes to include that with time. According to Mr. Wanger, the paste can last up to six months before expiring, as it has been well pasteurised- and this without refrigerating it.One of the bottles retails for 1500 Naira.With his mini factory located in Benue State, Mr. Wanger Barnabas Akaazua hopes to reclaim the market space Benue State has lost to other states in tomato business.Tomato farmers and traders sell a basket worth of tomato to people from other States for as low as 50 Naira sometimes, because the State Government has chosen to stay away from regulating the prices of the commodity.MR. Wanger Barnabas Akaazua, the CEO.Those who buy from Benue markets for such low prices then take it to States where tomato paste making factories exist. They make it into pastes and sell it at high prices.However, with someone from within Benue making it, especially as the Benue State Government has never thought of taking the initiative, it is safe to say that the prices of tomato paste may soon be on the decline, at least for Benue State consumers.CREDIT: FACEBOOK| Wanger Barnabas Akaazua.

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