Catholic Priest narrates how Virgin Mary Appeared at Calabar Parish

On so many occasions, Roman Catholics have claimed to have seen physical appearances of either the Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ appear to them.

This time, a Roman Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Evaristus Bassey narrates how Mary appeared to them on 22nd of June at St. Charles, Lwanga.

He said, “On Wednesday 22-6-2022 the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in one of our parishes in Calabar, St. Charles Lwanga.”

“It was something more than 100 people witnessed,even a Protestant pastor who came to visit his cousin, the assistant priest. He took these pictures. The rays around herwere too bright for a clear picture.”

“She moved up to the Shrine dedicated to her and then was taken up. It was amazing, the entire aura around the parish, that evening. She didn’t say anything to anyone.”

“But I think she came to assure of God’s presence with us.Even the rays of light on the premises showed there was something happening. May the prayers of our Blessed Mother help our country Nigeria. Amen.”

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