VIDEO| Anrgy Fulani herdsmen Kill Man after Danfo bus Mistakenly Killed Their Cow in Badagry

There was pandemonium at the Badagry axis of Lagos on Monday when some two Fulani herdsmen killed a man, after one of their cows was killed by a danfo.

The cow that was killed.

According to official police information, the person that was killed by the herders was not the conductor of the bus that killed the cow.

The incident resulted in residents blocking the road around Agemowo to protest the killing of the man.

According to a witness, “the two herders chased him down and killed him, cutting his neck with machete. An angry mob caught both of them and where beating them when the police came and arrested the 2 herdsmen. This thing is no joke, Nigeria breaks my heart and soul.”

In his statement, the Police Spokesperson for Lagos State Police Command, SP Benjamin Hundeyin said the two herders have been arrested.

“A commercial vehicle ran into two cows this morning at Agemowo, Badagry, killing one of the cows. The two cattle herders attacked someone they mistook for the vehicle conductor, resulting in his death. Angry residents blocked the highway in protest of the killing.”

The man that was killed in retaliation.

“The DPO, Morogbo Division, assisted by soldiers from 243 Recce Battalion, Badagry successfully cleared the obstruction. Normalcy has since returned to the area. It is entirely false that the victim was turned back when he sought refuge in the police station.

SP Hundeyin.

“He did not make it off the accident scene, let alone reach the station. Meanwhile, the two herders have been arrested. Investigation is ongoing. Updates will be provided subsequently.”

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