BVN & NIN Should be Used for Voting- Nigerians Lament

Nigerians are calling for Bank Verification Number and National Identification Number to be used for voting instead of permanent voters card.

A tweep known as Igbowolf raised the idea, a week after renown blogger, David Hundeyin said the same thing.

Igbowolf said, “Anyone with BVN or NIN should be able to vote without a data capture.
What extra data do you need, we keep recapturing and duplicating information that can be shared among agencies.”

“Just provide and validate BVN or NIN then collect your voters card. When someone turns 18, their pvc gets processed and they are notified for pick.

“If banks can do wait and get atm card, PVC can be wait and get. By October you’ll go through long queue, re-identify your self and someone would physically go through bunch of pvc to find yours.”

The tweet.

Many Nigerians are saying the same thing, especially as millions are at the risk of being disenfranchised for the forthcoming general elections.

INEC refused extending the continuous voter registration until SERAP forced their hand through a court ruling.

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