VIDEO: This Is The Amount I Will Sell My Vote, Comic Actor, Okon Lagos Reveals His Price

Popular comic Nollywood actor, Ime Bishop Umoh, best known as Okon Lagos, has vowed to sell his vote in the forth coming general elections.

According to him, he is now unconcerned with the constant opposition to vote selling as he is committed to sell his vote.

He said he will sell his at the right price, but maintained that he will be considerate enough to not demand a high price.

The actor said all he wants to sell his vote for, is just 1,460,000 dollars.

He said, “Don’t sell your vote no concern me because I have my PVC and I will sell my vote. I will sell it and at the right price. A very considerate and generous price because of you. This politicians appear in your life once in every four years and come and buy votes in polling unit and disappear. My vote I will sell and I will give my vote at a giveaway price at 1,000 dollars a day. There are 365 days in a year multiplied by 4 years that makes it 1460 days. 1000 dollars times 1460 is 1,460,000 dollars. That is my price for selling my vote for 4 years”.

Watch the full video below:

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