NIGERIA’S PDP-ians: Experts and Grandmasters at the Game of Chess[OPINION] 

By Idongesit Imuk

Atiku Abubakar.

In an alternate universe…

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of the people’s democratic party (PDP) is playing a smart game of chess, he’s good. I say he is! Pulling off deadly board moves at the dying minute, not a talent every player possesses.

Attaching his “enzyme binding site” to a man as ruthless, determined and focused, as Wike.

Sir Nyesom Wike, the Ikwerre man with the heart of a lion. That man has the heart of a lion, and we all know what lions are, by virtue of birthright, they are the rulers of the jungle! Unquestioned and un-opposed!

I wonder what APC’s anionted one, the fast and influential Jagaban is cooking at the moment to match this unpredictable move. We all are watching.

This ATIKU-WIKE combo isn’t child’s play at all. I love it that the north is finally admitting that they can’t do it on their own, that there’s need to call unto themselves, the strong families of the south.

In the game of throne movie series, we see the scuffle and tussle between the powerful families of Westeros, to mention but a few: the cunning and intelligent house of Stark, the imposing, ruthless and unforgiving Lannister, the power-hungry but foolish house of Greyjoy and many more unmentioned.

These families and their ambition to rule, led to them forming bonds with both allies and enemies, it locked them up in a tight game that would want to share similarities with the chess board game we non-westorians play for leisure here on real earth.

This fictional story of fights to remain within the corridors of power and have their own sitted on the iron throne for as long as possible, can be compared to the present political state of my country at the moment.

The northern leaders are beginning to realize the dire need to align with men that matter, from the south. They’ve felt the resistance in the air, the tension on the streets, the brewing revolution, knocking on their gold plated doors, windows and lintels, they hear the whispers in their diamond-laid, marble-strewn corridors.

They know that to win the south over, they need the strong men of the south by their side. Imagine a scenario where Rob Stark strikes a friendly deal with Jamie Lancaster or Theon Greyjoy, an impossibility right? But those impossibilities we see in Westeros, are playing out live in the nigerian political terrain. Families and houses that have been at war for ages now, we see them come together in allegiance, for one common purpose. Quite spectacular!

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is a wise man, he had been grossly underated, our bad!

He has a working brain, infact, one that’s working over time.


P.S: the above article is from an observer’s point of view and not in any form, a paid promotion for any political party.

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