Gumi asks for Creation of Federal Ministry for Armed Herdsmen

Outspoken Islamic cleric and terrorist-friendly Sheikh, Ahmad Gumi has beckoned on the Federal Government to establish a Federal ministry for herders.


Gumi made the call at the Pastoralists and Fulbe Security Conference held in Abuja on Wednesday.

Gumi, speaking at the conference organised by Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) and Northern Consensus Movement (NCM), said herders should be given preferential treatment like Niger Delta Militants.

“Government should focus more attention on these people because they always say that they are aggrieved.

“What I expect from the government is nothing less than what it did, when the Niger Delta youth were vandalizing the economy,” said Gumi who made a similar call back in September 2021.

“These people are also disturbing the Nigerian agriculture which is the backbone of national economy.

“I think the government needs to be more proactive they need an attention; the least they need is the Ministry of Nomadic Affairs that will look into their affairs,” he said.

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