VIDEO| Christian Student Stoned to death & Burnt for Insulting Prophet Muhammad in Sokoto

Deborah Yakubu who was killed.

The lady seen above, Deborah Yakubu was on Thursday burned to death in Sokoto for blasphemy.

According to sources, she was murdered because she insulted the Islamic Prophet Mohammad while in an argument on a WhatsApp group.

The incident which took place at the Shehu Shagari College of Education, Wamako Sokoto, involved the student who is the Treasurer of the campus Christian group, Fellowship of Christian Students.

According to the students who witnessed the incident, upon receiving threats on her life, she was quickly helped to the school’s security unit, but the mob still came after her, took her from the unit and was allegedly beaten and stoned to death before her corpse was set on fire.

In one of the clips, a member of the mob boldly said in Hausa, “I am the one that killed her, I am the one that burned her,” while flaunting the match box used in setting her ablaze.

Reports say the incident resulted in a riot and the school has now been shut down by the authorities.

Switch Nigeria was also able to lay hold of what the mob claimed she said(in Hausa) that was so blasphemous.

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