2023| I will Recruit More Nigerians into Army & Police if Elected- Atiku

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has disclosed his strategy to tackle insecurity and there’s nothing new.

Atiku who has been contesting for president since 1993 said this in Akure, while in Ondo to woo People’s Democratic Party delegates.

Atiku what is 75, said that he will curb insecurity by employing more Nigerians into the police and army.

He added that funding the police will also be top on his agenda.

“My number one priority is to unify the people of this country. How do I unify the people of this country? I will be fair to every part of this country. I will give a sense of belonging to every part of this country. Every part of this country will feel they are part of this country,” the ex-vice president added.

“It is that unity that will enable us again to live as one nation, one people under God.

The PDP presidential hopeful added, “Every part of this country is dealing with one aspect of insecurity or the other, I will be very tough on law and order. I will increase the number of policemen in this country. I will equip them, I will also increase the number of the armed forces, and equip them very well, just like we did from 1999 to 2015.”

He explained that only when Nigeria is secure, “there is peace, there is law and order, you can deal with economic challenges.”

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