Woman Cries for Help After Being scammed of N1m

A lady who goes by the name Baliqees Mayowa Sanusi has narrated how she was duped of a million Naira.

Ms. Sanusi and the man she accused of scamming her

The twitter user whose Twitter handle is Wonubaby made the announcement yesterday on the social media app, asking her followers to help spread her tweets till the scammer she said goes by the name ‘Idris,’ is found.

Here’s how she said it all happened.

“Please I really need help right now from anybody. We need to place two account on hold. Sunday Anthony Osamaye 2415775643 Zenith Bank and Idoniye Taiye 0677731233 GT Bank. I just got scammed of 1 million naira. I got repeated calls from an unknown number yesterday afternoon. He had been calling me consecutively for days so I eventually answered out of frustration.”

“He proposed an investment plan to me of which I didn’t say yes to but he proceeded to send me his account details after the call ended. On getting the message I proceed to send him all my savings of 400,000 naira. And then went ahead to borrow 600,000 naira from my friends and even my father’s manager. It felt like an out of body experience. I don’t know what came over me, what jazz he had used on me or even how he got my number in the first place.”

“Everyone I asked to borrow me money even willingly sent it because I am not the type to borrow money from anybody so they assumed it was an emergency. This is very unlike me and I feel so stupid, lost and helpless. I honestly don’t know what came over me and I need help because I am in trouble. I don’t know how I can get out of this. @accessbank_help I have emailed you and this is the reply I received.”

She said she wasn’t herself while she conserved with the scammer even though his grammar was suspect.

“This man goes by the name ‘Mr Idris’ and these are the messages. I don’t know what came over me. Even after calling him out as a scammer I still send more money. It truly was an out of body experience.”

She added, “Even the money my father sent me to send to someone else I sent it to the man. That is something I would never do. Please I’m in trouble I really need help.

She said she couldn’t restrain herself from sending the money, her words, “And I just kept sending more and more. I don’t know how this kept happening over and over again. I don’t joke with my money and I would never borrow money from people especially to send to someone else. Even my friends know I don’t borrow money.

She pleaded for help, “Please share this thread. I’m tweeting this to seek for help and to raise awareness so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. We searched the names on Facebook and these are pictures that came up. The GT account on the left and the Zenith account on the right.”

The tweet:

“The phone number was also tracked to Rivers Rumepiricum. Please anyone that can help me please. I really really need help. Share this thread far and wide. Twitter you are my last hope,” She added.

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