Two Inmates in All-female Prison Are Pregnant

Denying that you are not a woman or a man doesn’t change you from being those things. Denying the law of gravity doesn’t mean if you jump down from the roof of your house you will not injure yourself.

And that’s true for biological sex too, whether the authorities, especially those in Western nations admit it or not.

PHOTO ON THE LEFT: Minor with his beards. PHOTO ON THE RIGHT: Minor without a beard| Demitrius Minor is a man and has a penis but because he self identified as a woman, they locked him up with women and he has now gotten two of them pregnant.

Officials in New Jersey learned this generational truth last week when two female inmates in a female-only prison became pregnant.

But how did that happen? Well, it turns out these two female inmates had sex with a biological man posing as a woman, what the Americans and other people in the West call transgender.

Now, some people predicted this would happen and they were laughed at and referred to as bigots, especially by third wave feminists who argue that gender is merely a social construct and that it harms women’s right.

This incident took place in Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women, Clinton, New Jersey. The man or ‘transgender woman,’ like the woke mob in the US would call it, is reportedly in prison for manslaughter. And he has admitted to impregnating the two women inmates.

Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women, Clinton, New Jersey.

The man posing as a woman goes by the name Demitrius Minor and is serving a 30 year jail term for killing his foster father.

Minor reported experiencing “a lot of punitive actions from correctional staff from them intentionally denying me recreation all the way to them saying I am a ‘predator,’” according to an interview published Wednesday by NJ Advance Media.
“This response has happened solely because I am a woman who is transgender, and because of this, they view me as a man,” Minor said.

“They have engaged in sex stereotyping, by assuming that I am a threat to the women who I had consensual relationships with. This discriminatory logic assumes that I am dangerous simply because of my gender identity,” added 27-year-old Minor who has been in prison since age 16.

One of the pregnant women is double murderer Latonia Bellamy, 31, who will give birth in early fall, Daily Mail UK reported.


Kara Dansky of the Women’s Human Rights Campaign has said in an interview with Fox News, that regardless of what the United States’ President has to say on the matter, there’s no category of women out there that can get someone pregnant.

She argued that the transgender movement is not a civil rights movement aimed at protecting “a marginalised community of people. It is multi-trillion dollar company that is paying the medical establishment, paying media outlets, paying our government, paying our schools at all levels (from elementary school through college) to push the idea that the material reality of sex (gender) does not exist.”

“And that what is more important than the material reality of sex is the so called gender identity (or whatever one identifies as)

On their part, the New Jersey Department of Corrections has stated that the sex was consensual.

In a document filed in New Jersey Superior Court, there’s a presumption that reads “all inmates will be housed in line with their gender identity, rather than their sex assigned at birth.”

Source: YouTube| Fox News

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