SEX TAPE: Chrisland teenage girl Goes by username ‘Bhadgurl4k’ on Likee with almost 5k followers [VIDEO]

On Tuesday, after Lagos State Government shut down Chrisland Schools following the emergence of a sex tape involving college teenagers filmed on a field trip in Dubai, Nigerians have come to know that the girl in the video is not as innocent as her mother and many others were portraying her to be.

Her Likee page.

Mr. Ubi Franklin who leaked the clip and the news was of the position that the girl was drugged and later filmed while being raped by the boys, even though everything in the video says otherwise.

The video in circulation shows the girl on top of the boy and was the one doing the action. It showed no evidence that she was drugged, as many pointed out that if she was drugged, the boy would have been the one doing the action.

But on Tuesday, the story took another turn as people dug deeper into the identity of the acclaimed 13-year-old girl who seemed to be an expert in what she was doing in the clip.

It has now become clear that the girl is a popular person on video sharing app, Likee Short Video Community, where she goes by the username Bhadgurl4k, with her page titled “madness and cringe” and has about 508 videos uploaded and has over 26, 000 likes as of today.

One of such videos 👇🏿

Her videos are mostly about her dancing erotically to some songs, dance steps that are common only in party halls.

Many had suggested that there was no rape and that the case is one of parental failure, and that seems to be true, as almost all her videos are filmed in her living room.

Link to her Likee page:

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