Igbo Boys are Being Indoctrinated to Unleash terror on their Own people- Soludo

On Sunday, Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo of Anambra State has stated most of the people causing terror in Anambra and the Southeast are Igbos.

He made this known in his Palm Sunday address after worship service.

He said young boys are being indoctrinated to “unleash terror on their own people.”

Here’s Soludo’s full address:

Today is Palm Sunday!

As we commence the Holy week, I want us to reflect on “Mass irrationality”. Often times, it appears correct, logical or even conventional until one voice decides to stand different.

Daily, our young boys are taken into the bush, made to swear dubious oath of secrecy and commissioned to unleash terror on their people.

Nothing in Heaven’s name justifies this. Sadly, the criminals spurning these acts have created a narrative of “agitation” and ensnared the people into a net of irrational thinking.This MUST stop, and stop like yesterday!Whatever it is that makes the people choose Barabas over and above Jesus must stop in our time. The Anambra of now and the future has no place for criminality.

Ndi Anambra, we shall together triumph over these adversaries of our common good. It is time to #EndTheSiege.

May God bless you all Immensely.

CC. Soludo

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