VIDEO: Meet Nigeria’s 3 Top Lesbians

Lesbianism is a crime in Nigeria, which attracts up to 10 to 14 years jail term for defaulters. The law prohibiting it was enacted and subsequently signed in 2014 by Former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Despite the existence of the law, Nigeria still has a thriving lesbianism community.

Some of these lesbians still practice and advocate a free  society for their relationship, especially on social media.

This report looks at three top lesbians in Nigeria, who have taken their lesbianism practice to the next level, in total defiance to the law and public disgust.

AMARA, The Lesbian: She is a Nigerian-born LGBT activitist and entrepreneur. She co-owns a poultry farm in Abuja with her filmmaker girlfriend, Olayinka. She boasts of over 10k followers on Instagram and over 22 thousand subscribers on YouTube where she shares videos and pictures of her struggles as a lesbian.

L-R Amara and her partner, Olayinka

TEMMIE Ovwasa: Is a 25-year-old singer, and song writer, popularly known as YBNL Princess. She was signed to YBNL nation in August 2015, but left the label in 2020 after having a disgarrrrment with the label owner, Olamide. Ovwasa in 2020 dropped the first openly gay album in Nigeria. While claiming that she was born gay, Ovwasa recently disclosed that it was too late for her to stop being a lesbian. According to her, the benefits of being a lesbian supersedes being with the opposite sex.

Temmie Ovwasa

DEWY Oputa: She is the daughter of music veteran, Charly Boy. In 2018, Dewy dropped the bombshell when she publicly shared photos of herself and her lover. According to her, it took her parents a while to adjust after she came out as a lesbian.

Dewy Oputa

Her father, Charly Boy also disclosed how he handled his daughter coming out as a lesbian. He said he learnt about it long before it became public knowledge, adding that he care less about people sexual orientation as long as they are good souls.

Watch the video of these three lesbians below:

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