US based Attorney Gives Back to Benue Community [PHOTOS]

A former Attorney General of Benue State, Mr. Tony Ge, has gone around visiting some internally displaced people’s (IDP) camps in Makurdi, bringing relief materials to them.

Barrister Tony Ge (in black), Rev. Father Solomon Mfa and the head of the IDP.

Some parts of Benue have been displaced by marauding Fulani herders, a situation that has left many living in IDPs for years now.

One of such communities displaced by the Fulani murdering band is Abagana. And Mr. Ge was there with his team too.

The Ushongo-born legal practitioner visited the displaced with his team, and amongst them was his dear friend, Rev. Father Solomon Mfa.

Ge who now resides in the United States with his family is also a practicing lawyer in the United States state of Maryland.

Mr. Ge was the Commissioner of Justice during the short democeatic regime of Rev. Father Moses Adasu which lasted between January 1992 and November 1993.

In these exclusive photos, Ge could be seen with the many children and parents who now live in tents (as can be seen in the background) made of mosquito nets, at the mercy of nature’s diverse climatic forces.

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