Oil bunkering must be Tackled like Insurgency- Wike tells FG

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has accused the Federal Government for being negligent about the lampblack “pandemic” they are facing.

Lampblack also known as soot are fine black or dull brown particles of amorphous carbon and tar, produced by the incomplete combustion of coal, oil etc.

He said the particles cause all sorts of health issues to the residents of Rivers State.

Wike made the claims during a meeting with traditional rulers and the 23 local council chairmen in the state at the Government House, Port Harcourt on Friday.

He added that the Federal Government was supposed to tackle oil bunkering the same way it tackles insurgency.

He said “I should think that the way the federal government intends to fight insurgency, is the way they should fight illegal oil bunkering, because it is a sabotage on the national economy. Very big sabotage. It affects our own revenue.

“If we are supposed to produce 2 million barrels for example, we are now producing 1.2 million. And in that 1.2 million barrels, it affects Rivers state because we are not producing up to the number we are supposed to produce, and then we can’t get the money to do whatever you want us to do.

“It is the responsibility of the Federal Government to see how this thing can be stopped. As I speak to you, nobody has called me from the Federal Government to say how they can support us. But that is not my business. My business is the health of my people. I will not because the federal government is not interested to stop it, therefore my people should die. If everybody dies, who are you going to govern?”

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