There is too much religious hypocrisy in Nigeria- Aisha Yesufu laments

Notable businesswoman and activist, Aisha Somtochukwu Yesufu has taken a bite into religion in Nigeria.

The 48-year-old mother of two posted a video on twitter where she showed a road in the Federal Capital Territory that was blocked due to an ongoing Sunday service.

Aisha Somtochukwu Yesufu.

She lamented that with all the religiosity that goes on in Nigeria, killing and other violent crimes are still rampant.

“There is so much religious hypocrisy in Nigeria
Church will block road
Mosque will block road
People praying will block road,” part of her tweet said.

“Still there is this level of corruption, injustice, looting, bad governance, maiming and killing in our country!
What absolute hypocrisy!
E go shock us,” she added.

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