2023| Tinubu can’t be president for giving Nigerians Buhari- Pastor Giwa

Ahead of the 2023 General election, Pastor Adewale Giwa has called on Nigerians to sideline former Lagos State Governor and APC Kingpin, Bola Ahmed Tinubu when considering who becomes next president.

Pastor Giwa and Tinubu.

Giwa who heads the Awaiting the Second Coming of Jesus Christ Ministry, Akure, in Ondo State said Tinubu is already a red flag for packaging Muhammadu Buhari for Nigerians the way he did in 2015.

The cleric noted that no elected Nigerian president will get it right if the country is not restructured.

“Tinubu brought a bad product in 2015, and there is no how he can be a good product Nigerians can rely on.

“Someone who doesn’t see anything wrong with President Buhari’s administration cannot be a good leader.

“Nobody out of those aspiring can be a good leader unless they reorganise the whole system of Nigeria, beginning with the 1999 constitution. Let them give us true federalism.

“The electorate has lost confidence in politicians, so Tinubu cannot be a good President.“Ahead of 2023, Nigerians should be determined, focused and prayerful because it is God that can choose a good leader. From 1999 to date, Nigeria has not produced a good leader we can vouch for.

“So, Nigerians should be prayerful, they should cry to God to give the country good leader like the Israelites who cried to God and He gave them Samuel, and Samuel was a successful leader during his time.

“We need a leader that can feel the pain of the masses. We need a leader that can be able to listen to the cries of the people not a leader who doesn’t care about the feelings of the people.”

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