MARK OF THE BEAST?| People get Vaccine microchips in Sweden as Omicron variant looms

Just imagine having a microchip planted in your hand as proof of vaccination.

More and more people in Sweden are doing just that in the wake of the new Covid restrictions in the Scandinavian nation.

Many Swedes have demonstrated against this new mandates, some of the demonstrations of which have escalated to riots.

A picture used to depict the story.

Other European nations have also joined in the protests.

However, the World Health Organization admits there has yet to be a single death from the Omicron variant, but that hasn’t stopped some governments–especially in Europe–from using it as another reason to enact mandatory vaccinations.

But so far, Omicron does not seem to be dangerous. Initial studies show it has a similar genetic structure to the common cold, making it more transmissible. But in South Africa, where Omicron first emerged, hospitalizations have not increased significantly.

But scientific data from the WHO has not stopped European nations from putting in place extreme measures to curb the spread.

Some citizens across Europe have rejected the Covid mandates, with many saying they don’t trust the vaccines. Others noted that deaths from Covid are mostly amongst those who have already been vaccinated.

And as Covid, especially the Omicron variant, has the same genetic make-up as that of the common cold, many feel hesitant towards taking the jabs.

Ursula von der Leyen, the leader of the E. U.

Austria has become the first country in Europe to make Covid vaccinations necessary. While Germany plans on making vaccinations necessary for certain jobs.

Ursula von der Leyen, the Head of the European Union has stated that it is time to consider a Europe-wide vaccine mandate.

And in Sweden, increasing number of people are being planted with microchips with proof of their vaccination into their hands, since the country announced new Covid restrictions.

When scanned, all of a person’s vaccination status is shown on a reader or a phone. It is also capable of linking devices planted in your body to the Internet.

With the vaccine chips, some fear this is similar to biblical prophecy in the Book of Revelation chapter 13, which talks of the mark of the beast which allows the carrier of the chip to buy and sell.

Very few news outlets know about the Covid mandates in Sweden, mainly because the protests against the mandates do not suit the common narrative.

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