Nigeria slowly becoming ArewaNISTAN with ‘silent’ Buhari in charge- Bishop Kukah

President Muhammadu Buhari’s foremost critic, Bishop Matthew Kukah has described as worrisome the present administration’s silence in the wake of the many evils the nation is faced with.

Kukah, who is the Roman Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, warned Northerners that the country is slowly degenerating to Arewanistan, with all the killings going on in the region.

A collage of the President and the Bishop

“At about this time last year when I raised the alarm about the perilous state of affairs in northern Nigeria, all kinds of accusations were levelled against me especially by my northern brethren.

“When the Catholic Bishops protested openly against the killings of our people in March 2020, we were accused of acting against government with religious motives being imputed to our noble intentions. Now, we are fully in the grip of evil.

“Today, a feeling of vindication only saddens me as I have watched the north break into a cacophony of quarrelsome blame games over our tragic situation.

“A catalogue of unprecedented cruelty has been unleashed on innocent citizens across the northern states.

Kukah who said all this in his Christmas sermon titled A NATION STILL IN SEARCH OF TRUTH & VINDICATION, Kukah called on the President to arise and address these issues.

“Tales and promises about planned rescues have since deteriorated into mere whispers. Nothing expresses the powerlessness of the families like the silence of state at the federal level.

“Today, after over seven years, our over one hundred Chibok Girls are still marooned in the ocean of uncertainty.

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