BBC documentary exposes evils of Black Axe cult [VIDEO]

Nigerians have continued to express mixed feelings on the new documentary releases by BBC Africa on the confraternity, The Black Axe.

The Nigerian mafia, commonly called “cult” in Nigeria, is often considered the most feared and powerful organised crime groups in the world.

The Black Axe have been accused of countless murders and are estimated to earn millions of dollars via internet fraud or “yahoo yahoo” as it is commonly referred to in Nigeria.

But on Sunday, the African arm of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) opened the can of worms by shining light on the many atrocious acts The killer mob has been into.

Nigeria’s notorious Black Axe mafia cult has infiltrated the political establishment and operates far beyond Nigeria’s borders – according to leaked documents examined by BBC Africa Eye.

The documentary that is almost an hour long took about two years n research and investigation and it attempts to chronicle the extent of the Black Axe’s reach and whether politicians are involved in the cult.

Many Nigerians on different social media platforms were happy with the documentary, and saw it as an eye opener. Others feared for the persons behind the documentary.

Link to the full documentary here:

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  1. This is another fake BBC job similar to what Jeff did on MEND. Neo Black Movement is not a criminal organisation. Quoting Street gangs in Benin, Lagos and Ikorodu is substandard journalism.

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