North Korean student to die by firing squad for watching Squid Game

A student from North Korea has been marked for execution for allegedly smuggling popular series, Squid Game into the country.

The student whose name has been withheld, reportedly smuggled the Netflix series in from China, after which he distributed it to some of the students.

One of the many dresses in the movie.

As per Daily Mail, the male student brought the popular series in using a flash drive and later sold it to some friends.

It was gathered that staff who watched the series have been sacked. While the students who watched the movie have been sentenced to five years imprisonment with heavy labour. A student who bought the movie has been sent to life imprisonment.

The North Korean authors got wind of the smuggled movie using their surveillance system and the student who brought in the contraband is now to die by firing squad.

North Korea had emplaced a “strict ban” on materials from either South or West Korea, however this is the first time the North Korean government is taking action on “minors,” as regards to this.

Officials are still searching to expose students who are similarly in possession of “foreign media.”

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