Holy Spirit led Davido to donate N250 million to charity- Prophetess Olubori

A Nigerian Prophetess, Mary Olubori Dasmola has said Davido’s recent donation to charity was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Nigerian Prophetess, Mary Olubori Dasmola.

Dasmola whose ministry is based in the United Kingdom, in a statement labeled the singer’s N250 million donation to charity as a selfless act.

“Truly, this is an act orchestrated by the holy spirit to bless his people and he will surely have his reward”, the statement reads.

“Davido has shown the world his near perfect selflessness. Not too many has the capability and willingness to do such even with the abundant resources in their closet.

David Adeleke.

“Since time immemorial, the act of giving to others freely without the expectation of getting anything in return has been considered a virtue and a noble trait.

“Generosity isn’t something just limited to giving money but even giving attention, energy and love are considered to be aspects of it also.

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