17-year-old disobeys parents to marry Boko Haram terrorist

A teenage girl, Abu Zainab has chosen to go against her parent’s wish to marry a Boko Haram terrorist.

The incident took place back in October, in Kurebe, a community in Niger State after the terrorists besieged that area of the state.

According to Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ), the jihadists upon occupying the community instructed all households to marry off their daughters or risk being married off forcefully.

The threat forced the hands of some parents to move all their young girls to the community’s Internally Displaced People (IDP) camp.

However, Zainab refused to join her peers, opting instead to marry a Boko Haram terrorist.

“They have been preaching against us since last month,” said an elder in Kurebe. “They denounce us before our children, instilling in them weird Islamic ideologies.”

“Why the military formation was withdrawn remains unknown to us. We were only told they would be replaced at the time they were being evacuated,” another resident said.

“The father pleaded with her, but she would not listen. Just last month, her terrorist suitor came with his cohorts, seeking her hand in marriage. She accepted with her mother’s support,” a witness of the union told newsmen.

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