FG will pay citizen’s transport allowance after fuel subsidy is removed- Finance Minister

The Nigerian Ministry of Finance have assured Nigerians that the Federal Government will pay citizens’ transport allowance after fuel subsidy is removed.

Speaking on Channels Television, the Minister Ahmed Zainab said fuek subsidy is costing the country resources that should have been used for education and health.

“In making our plans at least in the 2022 budget, we assumed that this deregulation will take effect from July 2022,” she said.

“While the act was passed. The president said there would be a one-year timeframe within which implementation will be made, moving from the status quo to the provisions of PIA.

“We assume that by June we will be able to exit the fuel subsidy, and we have made provision only up till June in the budget for fuel subsidy.“And it is important that we exit this subsidy. It is costing us a significant amount of resources that we could have applied for education, health and critical infrastructure. It is a major waste and a major drain on the economy.”

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