Nigeria needs 120 years to have adequate number of doctors- Education Minister

Nigeria’s Education Minister, Adamu Adamu has stated that it would take 120 years for Nigeria to have enough medical doctors for its health sector.

He made this known at the first ever matriculation ceremony of the Federal University of Health Sciences (FUHSO) Otada, Otukpo Benue State. He said this new institution is on course to doing just that.

Education Minister, Adamu Adamu.

Represented by Arc. Sunny Echono, the Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Education, Adamu further said, “based on the existing production rate, it will take Nigeria about 120 years to have the number of doctors she needs, assuming all our doctors remain in the country.”

According to him, the university “will act as a catalyst, through training, research and innovation for the effective utilisation, exploitation, and conservation of Nigeria’s natural, economic and human resources.”