How Anambra APC Governorship candidate Andy Uba & his brother Chris kidnapped a sitting Governor- Monye

Morris Monye, a political commentator and convener of the Movement Nigeria has revealed how the All Progressives Congress’ Governorship candidate for Anambra State, Andy Uba and his Brother, Chris Uba abducted a sitting Governor.

Monye, a social media influencer opened the can of worms on Uba on Twitter.

He said, “You guys were too young to remember how Andy Uba and his brother Chris kidnapped a sitting governor at gunpoint because that governor was not loyal to the godfather (Chris Uba). Even the President was quiet about it.

The Uba Brothers

“(This) Might be the most mafia moment this country ever witnessed.Most don’t remember or were too young. It was July 10, 2003.
The Governor got to his office by 10am, by 11am, he saw his ADC being pushed out of his office by AIG Raphael Ige alongside a fully armed DSP.

“The Governor senses trouble but keeps calm. Usually when a Police person comes into the office, they salute. AIG Ige (Now late) didn’t do that. He sits on the couch at the office and tells the Governor “Oga you have to leave that table and stop that work”. Governor asks why? He says orders from above.

“Governor starts asking “Who exactly”, AIG starts getting rude and tells him to stop the questions. Governor picks phone to call, AIG barks at him to drop phone immediately. A call from the intercom comes, AIG stands to get physical. Governor says it’s call from his secretary.

Morris Monye

“And picks. Secretary says the State DSS director is on the phone. Apparently, one of the DSS officers attached to the governor ran away and contacted the director on what was happening.

“The governor says yes and narrates everything much to the impatience of the AIG.
He ends the call.
The Clerk of the state assembly walks in with resignation letter for the governor to sign. AIG asks Governor to sign.

“Governor says “Over his dead body”. They start shouting back and forth on the issue.
AIG says if he signs or not, he is no longer governor. Governor says “I leave it to God” and starts packing files and documents to leave.
He pressed his bell for secretary to come pick files.”

“They have at this time locked up all staff in the office. No secretary came.
They walk him out of the office, fold his official flag and keep it moving.
They use a small convoy. He notices a huge truck of armed policemen following them.

“They went to his hotel and he was kept hostage there for hours. Meanwhile, the local radio had started announcing the resignation of the Governor.
An Igwe passing by the hotel and seeing the ruckus stopped to wonder what was going on. Police pointed guns at him.

“He brought out his own gun. The Police thought he was a military man and piped down. He went and met the Governor who narrated what happened. He picks his phone and calls for Nigerian VP. Alex Ekweme. Ekweme escalates and it reaches the VP at the time Atiku. Atiku calls the IGP and normalcy is restored. What caused the whole trouble. Allegedly, the godfather’s demanded N3bn from the governor and when that was not forthcoming they got angry.

Document showing signed agreement of loyalty between Governor and Godfather.

“On Andy Uba’s involvement, he was SA domestic affairs to the President at the time.
He wielded tremendous influence on his state through his closeness to the President. As he remarked with his own mouth, Soludo was made CBN Governor when his bro brought him to Abuja to see him.

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