Biden Appoints man who claims to be a woman as Deputy Health Secretary

The United States of America has appointed a certain man, Richard Levine who now goes by the name, Rachel Levine as its new Assistant Secretary of Health.

The 63-year-old who hails from Massachusetts will be assisting Xavier Becerra, after President Joe Biden nominated him for appointment into the office on Tuesday.

Richard Levine has now cut his penis and advices others to follow suit.

On that day, October 19, 2021, Levine became the first openly transgender four-star officer in the nation’s eight uniformed services with his commission as a four-star admiral in the United States Public Health Service. He is the first male, now posing as a female to be a PHSCC four-star admiral.

Levine has two children with Martha Peaslee Levine, his ex wife whom he married in 1988, and divorced in 2013, few years after coming out as transgender in 2011.

A secretary of health, or in Richard’s case, the assistant secretary of health is Nigeria’s equivalent of Minister of Health or Minister of State for health, in Richard’s case.

This is the the second time President Joe Biden will be adding an openly gay and/or transgender in his cabinet. The first being Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, who in September announced the ‘arrival’ of two adopted kids with fellow man, Chasten.

One could only imagine how confused those kids would grow up being.

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