I’ve not Yet Declared intention to Run for President- Peter Obi

Peter Obi has distanced himself from pamphlets and handbills making the rounds that are linking him with the 2023 presidency.

The former Anambra State Governor, a PDP member, is widely considered to be interested in running for President in two years time.

Peter Obi.

The sixty year old made this announcement on Wednesday, on Twitter.

He said in the tweet, “I am not in any way connected to, neither have I contracted/authorised anybody or organisation to promote the sharing of flyers which assume my intent to contest for office in 2023.”

“As a faithful party man, I am not one to jump the gun on a matter the party is yet to give final directives. I will abide by the final position of the party on the issue.”

The flyer.

“For now, my focus remains to advocate for the restoration of security, eradication of poverty, creation of jobs and provision of other productive ventures for the country’s unemployed youths, improving education and making health care accessible in the country.”

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