Those against flogging of Madrasa students support BBNaija- MURIC Chief

Islamic Cleric, Prof. Ishaq Akintola has commended the severe punishment meted out on some Muslim students for drinking alcohol is right.

Akintola who heads MURIC, an Islamic group that speaks for the rights of Muslims, noted that those against the beating are the same who uphold the BBNaija show and all the wrongs that come with it.

In a video seen online on Sunday, the three students, two boys and a girl who belong to an Islamic school in Kwara, were severely beaten on their backs for drinking and posting it.

“MURIC is also in possession of another video in which the students confessed that they engaged in shameful and unIslamic actions, namely; visiting a club, drinking alcohol, bathing themselves with alcohol, etc. These are horrible acts in which ordinary Muslims must not be involved.

“Arabic schools are the repository of morality and the vault of uprightness. They are the conscience of the Ummah. The offence committed by those students becomes more unacceptable when the actors are students of an Arabic school who are expected to be the epitome of morality and religiosity.”

He continued “The abyss of moral decadence into which the Nigerian society has fallen is responsible for most of the woes facing us in this country today. Nigerians now indulge their children. Family values and norms have been thrown to the winds. Parents allow their children to dictate to them. Instead of parents condemning waywardness in their children and punishing them for it, they now condone and collaborate.”
He said, “This is not London where a five-year-old child can call the police to arrest his mum for spanking him and all London police units will come racing to the house, blaring siren. This is not New York where a mother must seek permission from her three-year-old baby before the latter’s nappy can be changed. This is Nigeria, the heartbeat of Africa.

“We commend the parents of those children who instructed the school authorities to punish their children. Posterity will count them among Nigeria’s puritans and disciplinarians. Those who are condemning the parents and the teachers today are those who will gladly encourage their own children and wards to participate in BBNaija’s shameful sex in public.”

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