Millions of Nigerians will miss Buhari when he is gone- Former Minister Abdullahi

One Mr. Yerima Abdullahi has lauded President Muhammadu Buhari for his landmark achievements during his time in office.

The former Nigerian Ambassador to Malaysia said Buhari’s achievements are so glaring for all to see, that even his critic oppose him with tongue in cheek.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Buhari will be greatly missed by him and all the massed who have benefited from his social investment programs.

“I will miss Buhari after 2023, and there are millions of Nigerians who will because when he says it is white, it is white, and when he says it is black, it is black,” said Mr Abdullahi on Tuesday in Gombe.

“You don’t have so many of such leaders in the country. He is not a ‘Maradona’; he is not. He says things the way they are. It is very rare you find a leader with such courage. Whether you like him or not, you have to accept that Buhari has really done well for the country and has been through a lot to serve the nation,” Mr Abdullahi insisted.

He alleged that Buhari’s critics are mainly those who are afraid of being haunted for their reprehensible activities.

Muhammadu Buhari will be missed according to Mr. Yerima Abdullahi.

“Those that are condemning Buhari are not doing so because he is under-performing. They are doing so because he is Buhari. Most of those fighting Buhari and his administration are doing so for self-preservation. There are also others who have a hangover of his previous military experience and refused to accept that he is now a democrat. We are not talking about that small group of people, but the majority of Nigerians at the grassroots will miss the leadership qualities of the president,” Mr Abdullahi noted.

“We are talking about those that have benefitted from the several social investment programmes, farmers, and many more who have felt the impact of good governance under his administration. Under Buhari, we have seen former governors, ministers, senators convicted and sent to jail, and Mr President has not pardoned them,” he said.

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