Bureau de Change Operators help in Illegal Importation of Arms- Godwin Emefiele

Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele has claimed that a significant portion of dollars bought by Bureau de Change (BDC) operators in Nigeria goes into illegal importation of arms.

The apex bank governor made this assertion last week in a media briefing.

It is a well known fact that 98% of Bureau de Change operators in Nigeria are Muslims or of Northern ethnicity.

CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele.

Emefiele said, “Whether it’s Boko Haram, kidnapping and all sorts of nefarious activities, BDCs take our country’s dollar and sell to people to go and buy arms and ammunition to come and hurt us. That’s what people want us to continue to do.”

“We cannot do that any longer. We can’t. If you have any legal, legitimate business you want to conduct, please take your business to a bank, they will sell you forex,” he added.

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