There may be No Nigeria by 2030, if things don’t Change- Suswam

The immediate past Governor of Benue State, Gabriel Suswam has cried out about the dire condition Nigeria is currently in.

The Senator representing Benue State Zone A at the Senate said there may be no entity called Nigeria by 2030 if leaders do not fix the many evils bedeviling her.

Mr. Suswam made this known at a book launch in Abuja.

“Times are becoming more difficult for Nigerians. While it is not clear when Nigerians will exit the current challenges, it is doubtful whether the country will exist in 10 years if the right thing is not done,” Suswam said.

Senator Gabriel Suswam.

“Times are difficult. We have a lot of security issues. We have a lot of economic issues. These are issues that led pragmatic leaders such as Dankwambo to come in so that we’ll be able to get out of the woods. Where we are now is a very bad situation.

“We don’t know when we are going to get out of it, maybe until a new change changes the change. We have found ourselves in a situation where we need the necessary change from where we are today to another one.

“For most people, you know, these days, everything is in deficit. Nigeria’s budget has consistently since 2015 been in a deficit. The same goes for individuals.
“Mentoring is what political leaders should do to the younger ones. Nigeria is drifting and drifting very fast. If we don’t properly mentor the younger ones, of course, in the next 10 years, one wonders whether we will still have a country together. So, mentoring is a subject and a topic that is very important in politics.”

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