The notion that Nigeria’s unity is non-negotiable is Civil War Mentality- Moghalu

Nigerian author and Economist, Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu has stated that the idea that Nigeria’s “unity” is “non-negotiable” is civil war mentality.

He said such a notion best exemplifies the unwillingness of the Nigerian elite to address the many issues the country is faced with.

Moghalu who recently expressed interest in the 2023 presidency made this known in a tweet-post he made on Saturday.

“The notion that Nigeria’s “unity” is “non-negotiable” is civil war mentality. It shows an unwillingness to address the root causes of secessionist agitations. Leadership calls for something better: respect and engagement of citizens who are disenchanted with injustice.”

Kingsley Moghalu.

He noted that a country where marginalisation and nepotism is at the heart of its modus operandi, there is something fundamentally wrong.

“Marginalization of ethnic nationalities, rank nepotism instead of recognizing and respecting Nigeria’s diversity is not “unity”. It is domination. We should be united and unified, but on the basis of justice and equity. And we can. But it takes an ability to manufacture consensus.”

“We should start from the root causes and not just focus on the symptoms. That is the path to peace, stability and unity. This, however is not to excuse or support violence. Two wrongs do not make a right.”

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