Majority of Nigerians will choose Islamic rule over Colonial rule- El-Zakzaky

After spending a long time behind bars, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky of the Shi’ite faction of Islam has come out to say that most Nigerians will chose Islamic system of government in a heartbeat over what our British colonial masters gave us.

The Sheikh made this claim in his first interview after release from state custody.

Ibrahim El-Zakzaky is a Sheikh and leaded of Shi’ite Muslims in Nigeria.

He said, “I believe that if there will be a plebiscite in this country and people will be asked ‘which system would you like?’ Is it the status quo, which is inherited from theBritish colonialists or the Islamic system?

“I’m sure that the majority will choose the Islamic system. It will be the government of the people after all.”

Credit: Facebook| Press TV

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