R. Kelly found Guilty of Sexual Abuses, to Face Decades in Prison

American R n’ B singer, Robert Sylvester Kelly, popularly known as R. Kelly and the protracted court trials against him have finally come to an end.

On Monday, R. Kelly was found guilty in New York of one count of racketeering and eight counts of violating the Mann Act, a law that bars the transport of people across state lines for any immoral purpose.

Kelly whose musical career has gotten him so much fame has had a well documented history of sexual abuses that go as far back as 1994 when at 27 years of age, he married 15-year-old Aaliyah, only for the marriage to be later annulled because she was underage.

As early as the early 2000s, allegations from teenage girls as young as 15 years popped up against Kelly, but the “I Believe I can Fly” singer would later deny them.

As the years went by, Kelly went from being accused of rape, to child pornography and so much more.

As the years went by, his songs continued reigning and topping the charts in the USA, but when Spotify decided to pull down his songs from their song list in 2018, others like Apple Music and Pandora also followed suit. This came as part of a new hate content and hateful conduct policy.

Kelly’s sex-trafficking trial began after Covid-related postponements. The prosecutors present the singer as a serial sexual predator while his defense lawyers described his accusers as “groupies” who tried to take advantage of his fame.

However, Gloria Allred, an attorney who represented three of R. Kelly’s victims, says “of all the predators that I have pursued… Mr Kelly is the worst, a dangerous sexual predator.”

After six weeks of testimony and 50 witnesses, the 12 jurors responsible for R. Kelly’s criminal fate reached a verdict. Kelly is now facing decades in prison.


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