VIDEO| American Man Confesses he Was Paid to Support Buhari in New York

With Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari in New York for the United Nations General Assembly meeting, the extent to which the present administration can go to conceal the many evils it has done is becoming more and more alarming.

One of the paid supporters.

Switch Nigeria have come across an exclusive video of an African American man who admitted to collecting money to show solidarity with Mr. Buhari.

It had been reported that Nigerians noticed the crowd was bought, with lying placards in order to mislead the world that things are hale and hearty in Nigeria.

Some of the placards revealed that Nigerian Christians were not facing any persecution, others denied the genocide in Igbo Land and the persecution of opposing voices against the administration.

Others claimed Nigerian worship places are safe, as it cam be seen above.

The video below shows one of those paid supporters confessing.

Link to the full video:

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