Sheikh Gumi Calls for Creation of Federal Ministry for Fulani Herdsmen

The self-made spokesman for killer bandits, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has called for the creation of a Federal Ministry of Nomadic Affairs.

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi always sides with bandits.

Mr. Gumi made this call yesterday on his Facebook page, insisting that such a move will go a long way in addressing the many unaddressed issues faced by Fulani herdsmen that has led them to banditry.

He noted that having an agency for the herders like the NDDC for the Niger Delta Militants will help calm things instead of using force on the bandits.

“Some said we have tried amnesty but it didn’t work. You didn’t try amnesty but tried amnesia. Amnesty without rehabilitation, reconciliation, and reparation is no amnesty,” Mr Gumi said.

“Ask the former Niger Delta Militants who killed security men in the past what an amnesty is. What stops us from having a federal ministry of Nomadic Affairs where their grievances and complaints will be addressed?”

“Some disingenuous people say: peace and negotiations with herdsmen bandits have failed, and your mission has failed! I said my mission has not failed but it was sabotaged or discouraged by the same influential people that benefit from the chaos or like us to destroy ourselves and leave the herdsmen in perpetual ignorance,” Mr Gumi said.

He lashed out on Presidential Aide, Femi Adesina for calling him a bandit-lover.

“You bootlicker that called me a bandit-lover! I am not one, but my country-lover, my region-lover, my state-lover, and my people-lover, and humanity-lover,” Mr Gumi said to Mr Adesina without calling his name.

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