Male Fighter Defeats Female Fighter in Mixed Martial Acts Bout

On Friday, a man named Alana McLaughlin posing as a woman defeated his opponent in the second round of a Mixed Martial Arts fight.

Alana knocked Celine out by choking her in the second round.

McLaughlin, who was born a man, was the first openly-transgender MMA athlete to compete in the US since 2014.

In the fight against Alana McLaughlin, the first openly-transgender MMA fighter to compete in the US since 2014, choking out his opponent Celine Provost.

McLaughlin when he was in the Military vs how he is now.

In stepping into the cage, McLaughlin, 38, became just the second transgender woman to compete in the sport, following in the footsteps of Fallon Fox who was cageside in Miami.

McLaughlin was a member of the US Army Special Forces Squad, and he went on to serve his country for six years and was awarded eight distinguished service medals but was later diagnosed with PTSD.

He was eventually declared winner.

According to the Mirror, McLaughlin had asked her mother for gender reassignment from a young age but, having grown up in a religious family, was denied and the pair no longer speak.

Men are built to have larger lungs, broader chest cavities and more muscle density, all of which are key factors in an energy sapping sport like the MMA.

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