Former PSG Player Dies after Being in Coma for 39 years

The story of Senegalese-born Defender, Jean-Pierre Adams is an unfortunate one.

Born on March 10, 1948 in Senegal, Adams moved to France at age 10 with his mother for studies, where he later got married to a white woman.

Jean-Pierre Adams had been in coma since 1982.

He would later take to football, after he studies. Signed for PSG in 1977, and would go on to make 41 appearances for the Parisans.

In 1982, a year after hanging up his boots, following a ligament rupture injury, he was hospitalised for surgery on 17 March 1982 at the Édouard Herriot Hospital in Lyon. After an error made by his anesthesiologist, he suffered a bronchospasm which starved his brain of oxygen and he slipped into a coma.

Adams, his wife Bernadette and one of his sons.

His wife continued to tend to his needs, refusing to consider euthanasia or mercy killing.

But Adams died on 6 September 2021 in Nîmes at the age of 73, after being in a coma for nearly 40 years.

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