Nigeria Suffers from Bad Leadership- Senate President Lawan

Nigeria’s Senate President, Ahmad Lawan has blamed the country’s woes on bad leadership.

The Leader of the 9th Assembly made this known in an address he delivered at the fourth cohort of the Kashim Ibrahim Fellowship in Kaduna.

Mr. Lawan noted that the only way to consolidate on the gains of democracy is to develop good leadership policies.

“In all cases we never stated anything about leadership in Nigeria for us to reach the level of development that we need in our country, every part, segment and strata of the society must have a developed, deliberately focused leadership, so that what we do at the local level compliments what we do at the state level and from there, terminating at the apex – at the Federal level,” Mr Lawan said.

“No matter how hard we try to develop our country at the federal level, if our states are not able to provide the kind of leadership and complementary development, then we cannot achieve the kind of goals and targets that we feel we must achieve as a country,” he said.

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