Farmer-herder Crisis NOT About Religion, But About Water & Land- President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari.

President Muhammadu Buhari has said the farmer-herder crisis has nothing to do with religion.

Buhari made this known through his Media Aide, Mr. Garba Shehu.

Buhari maintained that the herders just want to access water and land, not to push any religious agenda.

He pointed out that “it is important both for Nigerians and the international community to appreciate that there are” a multitude of factors responsible for the worsening insecurity in Nigeria.

Mr Buhari further explained that “there are no religious connotations at all when the primary purpose of these acts is to extract money.”

“Then the herder-farmer clashes. While international voices and some Nigerian politicians who seek personal gains from division declare this a matter of religion, for those involved, it is almost entirely a matter of access to water and land,” he stated.

“Herders have moved their cattle into contact with farmers for millennia. But increasingly, due to population pressure, escalating aridity of northern states, and climate change, they are forced to travel further south to find grazing lands.”

But most Nigerians are not buying into this whole desert encroachment and climate change excuses the Federal Government has been using to support a private business.

Switch Nigeria had reported back in June how Nigeria doesn’t make the list of:

  • Top 10 Nations in Terms of Cattle Inventory
  • Top 10 Cattle Milk Exporting Nations
  • Top 10 Beef Exporting Nations

And as such, Nigerians and indeed, the international community will continue to view the President’s interest in imposing such an unpopular agenda against the wishes of Nigerians as dubious, questionable and lame.

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