Dead Baby Boy Found on Refuse Dump in Bayelsa State

Residents Okaka Community in Yenogoa, the capital of Bayelsa woke up to the shock of their lives when they found a dead baby on the refuse dump.

The people of the community were alerted to the site of the dead boy when they came out for sanitation, today being the last Saturday of the month of August.

Some of the women that were there expressed disappointment at the unknown mother of the child.

According to a mother, madam Jane Lagos, “It will not be well with this woman who abandoned this innocent child here to suffer and die under the cold of the night.”

“I was at home this morning when I heard people talking about the ugly incident, so I immediately ran down to witness it, behold I saw the baby.

“As a mother, it is devastating for a woman to carry a baby in her womb and after 9 months of the pains of labour, abandoned the child this way to die. We are talking about the life of a human being here ; this is painful for a woman to do this.”

As at the time of this report, both men of the state sanitation agency and the police are yet to remove the corpse from the dump despite their being aware of the incident.

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