What is the Trending Crate Challenge All About? [VIDEOS]

A guy attempting the challenge.

In the milk crate challenge, which recently started on TikTok, participants take on a set of milk crates precariously stacked in the shape of a pyramid, attempt to climb to the top and then back down again without toppling over.

The milk crate challenge is the latest craze to make its way around social media, with the viral stunt involving people attempting to walk across various stacked milk crates. Many of the videos end in failure, however, as people dangerously tumble to the ground, often bringing the milk crates with them.

So far, no one has died from the challenge. Dallas Police Chief, Eddie Garcia told WFAA that police responded to an injured person call. Garcia told WFAA that social media reports circulating about a woman who died after participating in the milk crate challenge are false; the woman did not die and was only injured.

Nigerians have also been seen doing it as it can be seen in one of the videos.

The challenge is actually based on a video that went viral a decade ago. In the clip posted by the YouTube channel JoyRidersTV Bonus Footy in 2011, a man runs across a staircase made of milk crates before falling and injuring his back.

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