NDA Attack a Ploy to Embarrass Buhari- Garba Shehu

A file photo of Garba Shehu.

Fresh from castigating Benue State Governor, for allegedly making divisive comments regarding open grazing, Shehu Garba has again alleged the attack on NDA was politically motivated.

The Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari said the attack was meant to embarrass his Principal.

“It is an opportunistic crime. It is political. Somebody wants to embarrass the government by doing this because we are coming from major successes,” Mr Shehu maintained.

He agreed that his claims were nothing but mere speculation.

“In a political climate where people seek to make political capital out of this unfortunate incident, you don’t rule out anything. Investigation are ongoing,” he clarified.

He praised the current administration and insisted that there has been progress in the fight against insurgency.

“Look at how Boko Haram are ravaging in the North-East, they are surrendering. All of the victories that are recorded. Even in the North-west, these bandits are being taken out in large numbers and its is a matter time for sanity to be restore.”

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