Buhari Treats himself Abroad but Owes Nigerian Doctors- Gynecologist Laments

A gynaecologist who spoke on condition of anonymity lamented that President Buhari seeks medical care outside the country but leaves the salaries of those providing medical care in the country unpaid for months.This is coming at a time when the number of medical practitioners seeking employment opportunities in foreign nations is at an all-time high.

Most Government hospitals in Nigeria look like this.

He said, “We cannot really survive where Mr President goes out of the country for medical treatment, while for the past ten months now, most of us have not been paid, and those who are paid are paid half salaries. ”He continued, “I need to take care of my family. Totally shameful and disgusting the way medical workers are treated… paid paltry sums or nothing at all!! What then happens to those who cannot afford to travel for medical issues?”

A typical hospital room abroad.

In a recent interview with international news outlets, Lai Mohammed, President Muhammadu Buhari’s Information and Culture Minister, said the President’s medical trips have nothing to do with the poor state of the Nigerian health sector.Source: Kate Henshaw| Twitter.

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