I Became a Pastor because I Saw God One-on-one- Taribo West

Although best remembered for his defensive abilities in the green and white of Nigeria and for his iconic colourful hairstyles, Taribo West is now a pastor.

The 47-year-old who has been the pastor of Shelter In the Storm Miracle Ministries of All Nation, a church he founded in 2014, said he changed careers after he met with God one on one.

He explained that, if not for the close encounter, there is no logic in abandoning his football career for a stint in the pulpit.

He said: “Why would I switch from being a footballer to becoming a pastor? I saw God one-on-one. That’s where my transition started; From the field to the pulpit.

The former Auxerre, AC Milan and Inter Milan defender continued, “We were celebrating. In the middle of that, a woman stumbled into me and said: ‘Sir, please may I know your name?’ I said: ‘I am Mr No name’. She said: ‘May I know where you live?’ I said: ‘I live nowhere.’ She left with annoyance.“In the twinkle of an eye, I just heard an audible voice. And it came like a slap. It said: ‘Switch, turn.’ I turned. It said: ‘Look at the woman. Look for her now and call that woman and apologise to her. I said that to you.’ That can only be a voice from God.

“So I switched, like a Robocop, I start searching for the woman, and when this sister came all the way from America, she told me a lot of prophecies. And she told me in the next one or two years; I would open a church. All the prophecies she gave me came to pass.”


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