CNN Journalist Tears up After Visiting Makoko Slums [PHOTOS]

A team of CNN journalists who visited Makoko, Africa’s ‘Venice’ to film a documentary for the United States’ media company only to come back filled with empathy for the dwellers.

One of the team members, Aisha Salaudeen who is also a TV Producer at CNN stated that she couldn’t restrain herself from shedding tears for the plight of the people who live there.


She said, “My colleague and I spent a couple of days covering slum communities in Nigeria for CNN’s #Africanvoiceschangemaker.
I visited Makoko, Africa’s largest floating slum for the first time and honestly couldn’t stop myself from crying.”

She added that it was heartbreaking to see the children she was there to film living the way they do in the slum that is located besides the 3rd Mainland Bridge.

Aisha Salaudeen behind the camera.

“The way these kids live is so heartbreaking. My pain was slightly drowned by the amazing work @Tunde_OD is doing with the kids. Through his Chess in Slums program, he taught more than 200 kids to play chess. Some of them have gotten scholarships as a result of the work he does.”

“Some have learned to use computers, and others have traveled outside their homes, to see what’s out there, to aspire to lives outside their communities. It’s truly inspiring work & I can’t wait for you all to see this episode.”

The documentary they were there to film is themed African Voices: Changemakers and it starts airing on CNN tomorrow
Saturday – 10:30pm ET
Sunday – 1:30am ET, 6:30am ET, 1:30pm ET & 10pm ET.

It chronicles the lives of less privileged children from that slum whose lives have been bettered after they were taught how to play chess by Tunde Onakoya.

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