Smuggling of Petrol is Backed by Officials- Falana

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Barrister Femi Falana has called on the Federal Government to build refineries in neighbouring countries in order to clamp down on petrol smuggling.

Falana, a human rights activist pointed out that the smuggling of petrol is hitch-free because it is supported by people in government.

He added that the amount of fuel consumed in Nigeria per day is just over 38.2 million litres.

This is coming after Hameed Ali, the comptroller-general of customs, asked the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation to erect such filling stations in countries nearby to checkmate smuggling.

Femi Falana is a SAN.

Falana, in his chat with the Cable said he had suggested the same thing years back but he was not given heed.

“Sometimes these smugglers are accompanied by criminally minded security people. And now to stop this nefarious crime, I have pleaded with the government; let NNPC build mega stations in the neighbouring countries, Cameroon, Togo, Benin up to Ghana,” he said.

“Once you do that, Nigeria will supply directly. I mean, if I take off in Lagos here going to Cotonou and you’re going to Ibadan, I’ll get to Cotonou before you. What is the problem? But because the business of smuggling is officially carried out.”

“Last year, DPR said that our consumption rate is 38.2 million litres per day. A few months later, NNPC claimed that the figure had jumped to 102 million litres. The entire fuel consumed in the entire West African region is not up to that figure, it’s not up to 100 million litres. That is, from Dakar, Senegal to Nigeria.”

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